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What is Hamptons style?

The history of Hamptons-style

The term Hamptons came from the style of homes adopted by owners of beach side properties in the Hamptons region, a group of townships on long island, New York. However the history of the Hamptons style goes back to bungalow style homes built in Bengal, India. 

The exterior style is recognisable by pyramid roof forms, white weatherboards, multi story balconies and white venetian shutters. 

What is the Hamptons Style?

The rich beachside towns of the Hamptons are known for lavish open spaces and large windows to capture the ocean views. Characterised by the colours of the ocean, the style is encompasses dark blues, whites and beige. 

The opulent owners can afford expensive ceramic lamps with dark blue floral decorations and array of exquisite cushions. Washed white wood cabinets and rattan foot stools are adorned with nods to the ocean such as starfish, coral and crayfish. 

Wall art is traditionally inspired by the beach, soft white washed photography of stunning beaches, water and surf. Painted art references coral, white flowers or plants, all reimagined as dark blue or white. 

Australian coastal style

Australia occupies more beachside locations than it does rural, and as such the Hamptons style is the perfect pair. The Queenslander style is a relaxed Hamptons style, encompassing similar architectural styles and more relaxed, less opulent interiors. In recent times, opulent areas such as Brighton, Hampton and Sandringham in Victoria, or Vaucluse and Double Bay in Sydney have adopted the modern style of Hamptons.

The new Hamptons

The Hamptons style is timeless, the traditional use of whites and blues will be a staple in beachside interior design for many centuries to come. For a modern Hamptons style incorporate more bold colours and embrace texture, with the use of matt black appliances, rose gold, concrete floors and linen.

How to select the right cushions

  • Layer with white
  • Colors of the ocean
  • Mix textures and colours

Couches are generally all white, cream or striped white and blue. Cushions should be classic, white, blue, mint or with a hint of soft pink or gold. The idea is to create a feeling of a relaxed, calm and soothing space. 

1. Layer with white linen

Start your palette with a layer of white linen and consider adding an opulent feel by choosing linens that have a blue ribbed edge or buttons. A base white palate will help to create the sense of luxury and comfort.

2. Colors of the ocean

Hamptons and Coastal styles are inspired by the beach, so traditionally cushions were dark blue floral or with images of coral and sea life. A more modern approach is incorporating soft teal, velvet with gold seems.

There are many shades of the ocean and the surrounding beach

3. Mix textures and patterns


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