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The modern Hamptons feel

The Hamptons originated from the Indian bungalow in the mid 1800's. The bungalow design was adopted in Britain around 1890 as a popular vacation home design and later found its way to the American coastal region, The Hamptons. 

The style is timeless, relaxed and luxurious. The style is designed to match coastal country and has similarities to French provincial. Homes are generally showered in natural light, with blues and whites used to parallel the ocean views. 

In 2022 the Hamptons style is evolving into a more modern colour palate with additional textures to lift the muted tones. The focus is on authentic, natural textures over washed out all white. 

Consider including rose gold taps, and light ceramic pot plants. Linen is a popular texture, as creates a relaxed welcoming feel. Dark blue and white are still prominent colours but welcome in rose gold, and soft teal. 

Mix rich blues, and patterns with traditional textures like rattan and wood. 

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